Victorian Goldfields Railway


Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Victorian Goldfields Railway

Our Station Masters, Booking Officers, Locomotive Drivers and Firemen, Train Guards, Conductors, Signalmen, Station Masters, Booking Officers, Sales Staff, Catering Personnel, Repair Shop Workers, Track Workers and Maintenance Staff are VOLUNTEERS. The Society Directors are VOLUNTEERS, as well as many Appointed Positions within the railway.

With only a small number of part-time employees, the Society relies on the Volunteer workforce to keep the railway in operation.


We are looking for staff to help run the VGR - including:

  • Booking Officers for Maldon & Castlemaine
  • Sales Kiosk Staff for Maldon & Castlemaine
  • Officers-in-Charge
  • Station Masters for Maldon & Castlemaine
  • Locomotive Firemen
  • Guards
  • Signalmen (at Castlemaine)

Would you help run a Railway?

If you would like to help run the VGR
or would like more information -
contact us at
or ring (03) 5470 6658.

Vacancies exist in all departments

Some of the areas where you can participate are: -

Board of Directors - individuals with a keen interest in the administration of the VGR are always welcome as members of the Board of Management.

Operations Branch - controls the running of trains, provides the crews for trains (drivers, firemen, trainees, guards, conductors) and station staff (station masters, signalmen, booking officers).

Mechanical Branch - undertakes the maintenance and restoration of the rolling stock (locomotives, carriages and goods vehicles) as well as the equipment used on the railway (track repair machines, motor vehicles, trolleys, etc)

Civil Branch - restores, installs and maintains the permanent way (track) and the track bed (earthworks, culverts, bridges) as well as the buildings and most items of infrastructure.

Marketing Branch - is responsible for the promotion of the Victorian Goldfields Railway, arranging bookings, packaged tours and untakes liaison with other tourist operators and organisations.

Catering & Sales Branch - Maintains and staffs the Castlemaine & Maldon Sales Rooms and provides the food services when required.

Signal & Communications Section - installation and maintenance of signalling and communication infrastructure.

Publications Committee - production of members newsletters and VGR publications.

More Information?

If you would like more information about Volunteering on the Victorian Goldfields Railway,

please e-mail to

or write to -
Victorian Goldfields Railway
P.O. Box 51,
Castlemaine Vic. 3450