Victorian Goldfields Railway
Victorian Goldfields Railway

A Touch of Class

An elegant addition to the Victorian Goldfields Railway is now available for those wishing to experience an extra indulgence on the steam train journey between Castlemaine and Maldon.

A lavish restoration, of almost two years duration, of a carriage built in 1919 has transformed an almost forgotten railway relic into one of the finest and most authentic carriage restorations available for use in Victoria.

The meticulous attention to detail in the restorative work and in the art nouveau decor of this prestige carriage will captivate all who choose to indulge in a sumptuous railway travel treat.


The 'Parlor Car' has retained its original name of Tambo - named after the Tambo River, according to the practice of the railway authorities of the time. The carriage was originally built as a sleeping car for use on the Melbourne to Adelaide Overland Train.

The carriage has had a chequered history since that time, and like many of the old units of rolling stock, could well have ended up on the scrap heap, but for the vision and dedication of the current owners, who rescued it when it came up for tender.

Because several of the original sleeping compartments were missing, it was decided to extend the original 'gentlemen's lounge' section and create a parlour / lounge car, whilst retaining as much as possible of the original.

All the missing metal fittings, light fittings, hooks, catches and signs have been reproduced based on the original designs or in keeping with the era.

The interior timber (Queensland Maple) has been brought back to its shining glory and all new woodwork has been matched with the original finishes; providing a rich mellow lustre throughout.

Complete with carpet, wicker chairs in the lounge section and refurbished compartments, this carriage is ready to enchant patrons of Victorian Goldfields Railway.

An observation platform has also been created at one end of the carriage, with an elegant framework from original designs.

'Tambo' is available for a premium fare for individual travellers or can be hired for the exclusive use of groups of up to 30 people: creating a splendid new option for groups seeking a unique function venue.

Further information: Phone 5470 6658