Victorian Goldfields Railway
Victorian Goldfields Railway

Part V - Passenger Cars

"E" Class Bogie Express Passenger Cars

In 1903 ( Later Sir) Thomas Tait produced the design for the 'E' Series carriages, based largely on contemporary Canadian Pacific practice. Between 1906 and 1924, 101 carriages, 37 brake vans and 10 traveling post offices were built for mainline express passenger trains. A number of these cars were for the Victorian & South Australian Railways Joint Stock use on Melbourne - Adelaide Trains. Features of the 'E' cars included their lavish decoration, bevelled mirrors above the windows and six wheel bogies.

As built the class consisted of the following vehicles:

  • AVE - 1st Class
  • BVE - 2nd Class
  • ABVE - 1st & 2nd Class
  • EBSV - 2nd class with postal sorting compartments (TPO)
  • Sleeping Cars
  • Parlor Cars
  • Dining Cars
  • Baggage Cars (?)
  • CVE - Guards Van
  • State Car Number 4

All cars were 71 foot in length with the exception of the Guards vans which were 60' 2".

About 1914 the use of the letter 'V' (denoting Vestibule) was dropped from the class code

During their service life a number of the vehicles were modified. General use of the E cars ceased during the 1980's with the introduction of modern passenger stock.

Lowana - 1st Sitting and Kitchen Car

Tambo - 1st Sitting and Parlour Car

"W" Class Bogie Passenger Cars

"U" Class Bogie Passenger Cars

"PL" Class Bogie Excursion Passenger Cars