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This Wednesday 27th of January 2016 the Carriage Dept. are continuing to empty the Maldon Goods Shed which Victrack will shortly begin to restore to its former glory.

We are "under the pump" to clear the shed and surrounds and it would be great if a few more volunteers could assist the currently under-manned team.

If travelling some distance don't forget we have accommodation in a carriage and a kitchen/recreation area for your enjoyment.

Work clothes and gloves essential and, if you can spend an hour or two (or stay the night) please contact Dave Bail on 0407 817 031 to ensure accommodation is available.

Our Carriage Team Need Your Help

The VGR's Carriage Repair and Restoration Team are in need of your help.
They would like your help to lift the structural and aesthetic standard of all the VGR rolling stock.
Anyone with previous experience from the building trade i.e. Builders, Carpenters, Sparkeys, Upholsters, Painters as well as anyone familiar with maintenance or any form of skilled work would be of great benefit to the team, but experience is certainly not a prerequisite as there are plenty of general roles which anyone of any age (fairly fit & able) can assist with.

The Gang is based at the Maldon Goods Shed throughout the week / weekends.
If your interested in helping the Carriage Team please contact Dave Bail on 0407 817 031 or Brendan Leach on (03) 5443 6394.

Important Announcement

The Victorian Goldfields Railway is pleased to announce that it has entered into a joint venture with Steamrail Victoria. This will involve the operation of additional regular trains on the VGR commencing in the coming months.
The terms of the joint venture involve Steamrail providing some of its locomotives and carriages for operation on the VGR along with the provision of its volunteers required for the Saturday running day. For its part the VGR is providing its line and infrastructure along with its locomotives and carriages which will also be available for mainline use.

The joint venture is an exciting initiative between our two organizations and there are plans also afoot for a major steam enthusiasts event to be operated on the VGR later this year.

A directed by the Steamrail Newsletter, Training for the various roles will be undertaken by the VGR.

Training is aimed to begin in the 2nd Half of May 2013.

To aid in the administration side of training, could anyone interested in volunteering in the Joint Venture please contact with details of the role(s) you are interested in volunteering in, any a rough outline of your availability for training purposes.
A list of positions are listed below.

Non-Steamrail Volunteers are also welcomed and encouraged to volunteer with the VGR.

Conductor - The on train ticket checker and informant for the passengers. The conductor's role involves travelling on all passenger trains on a given day, inspecting tickets, aiding passengers on and off the train as well as answering lots of questions about railways and the area.
Booking Officer - To run trains, we need to issue people with tickets, Booking Officers are at both Castlemaine & Maldon, they sell tickets, organise cab rides and greet visitors with a warm welcome. Of course this isn't all they do, they also ring the bell to tell the passengers a train is about to depart and tell the Guard when its safe for the train to depart.
First Class Attendant - Be a first class Steward aboard the magnificent parlour car Tambo. Interact with your customers while serving drinks and light refreshments. Easily the classiest job on the railway.
Shop Sales Attendant - Attendant to souvenir, merchandise and refreshment sales in one of our shops at Maldon or Castlemaine.
Firepatrol - Travel behind the train during the summer fire danger period, to alert authorities of any fires that may start or help in extinguish smaller and safer sleeper fires. This is a easier job, as you'll get to travel around in one of our Hi-Rail Road Vehicles.
Guard / Signalman - The safe-worker for the operation of trains on any given day. A guard rides on every train, making sure the timetable and safeworking practices are adhered to. Signalmen control Castlemaine 'A' Signalbox, allowing the engine and train to maneuver around Castlemaine yard.
Trainee Fireman - Learn from scratch how to fire a Steam Locomotive. Its a dirty, sweaty, physical job, but being up the front is always magical.
Fireman - Once you've learnt the ropes of how to Fire a steam locomotive, you can qualify to do it all on your own, working alongside your driver you help train new firemen, while keeping a full head of steam.
Driver - The ultimate position for anyone keen on trains, driving the Iron Horse. To become a driver on the VGR, you'll need to be a fully qualified fireman with lots of expert supervision as a trainee driver before going solo.

CMR Safety Management System:

The CMR's Safety Management System has been adopted in recent times with it having many aims including the aim to bring the CMR's safety performance and handling of issues up to current day Standards.
Safety Management System (PDF ~ 530kb).


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