Victorian Goldfields Railway
Victorian Goldfields Railway


(Altitude 908 feet / 277 metres)

A Brief History

Whilst this is the only intermediate station on the line, it was located approximately three kilometres north of the township it was intended to serve. This rural station, so typical of the many isolated stations on the old Victorian railways system, was built with the most basic passenger and goods' facilities but this station layout was unusual in that the passenger platform was originally on the loop siding, whilst the goods' platform was on the 'straight through' line. A short dock platform was provided for the off loading of buggies from wagons, but this was removed as early as 1897.

A stationmaster initially staffed the station, but in 1892 a caretaker took over. The caretakers of small country stations were often the wives of the ganger or fettler responsible for the line's maintenance and provided a useful adjunct to the families' income. Portable station buildings were provided until 1935 when the station was further downgraded, the 'portable' being removed and an open galvanised iron shed was provided for the few remaining passengers. The station closed with the line in December 1976. Muckleford is now easily identified by the towers of the high voltage transmission line to Bendigo which share an easement at the eastern end of the yard with the pipeline augmenting the local Bendigo domestic water supplies.

The station probably handles more passengers than at any other time in its history and boasts a fenced passenger platform with a restored Victorian Railways portable as the office/kiosk plus an 'enlarged' railway yard with a second loop siding or goods' road in addition to the platform loop and dock. The short dock platform has also been restored complete with a standard buffer-stop. The 'new' VR Goods Shed originated from Winchelsea on the Geelong-Warrnambool Line and is available for hire by parties, as an adjunct to train charters, corporate events as well as VGR training and general activities. The modern toilets were funded by grant and are on the location of the original staff residence.

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