Victorian Goldfields Railway
Victorian Goldfields Railway

Maldon Spectacular 2013

After a 37 year wait, a passenger train has made the through journey to Maldon all the way from Melbourne. 56RM visited the VGR back in May, but the 26th of October 2013 saw the first through passenger train from Melbourne to Maldon and Return since the line closed in late 1976.

R761 & K190 brought Steamrail's portion of the train to Castlemaine, where the whole consist was shunted onto the VGR's platform 3, where J515 and a carriage awaited the arrival.

R761 remained at Castlemaine while J515 & K190 took the lone VGR car and Steamrail's 7 Car consist out to Muckleford.

Upon reaching Muckleford, J515 & K190 awaited the arrival of the newly restored J549 on a wedding special, before J549 was swapped for J515, and the consist, with K190 and J549 tender to tender, heading through to Maldon.

The return leg of the trip comprised of J549 & D3639 to Muckleford, with a quick loco swap to have D3639 leading for the run through to Castlemaine.

The R and D3 departed for Melbourne with their train while J549 ran parallel out the Maldon and Melbourne line seperation to make an unforgettable dusk departure.

The purpose of the day was to swap K190 with D3639 for use over the summer months, but it was done a little more spectacularly than has been seen in the past. The following photos are a few snapshots of the days activities:

Photos - T. Sedawie

Photos - P. Hallett

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