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Victorian Goldfields Railway

D3 639

After a 40 year wait, a D3 has finally had a chance to stretch it's legs once again on the Maldon Branch. Fittingly, back around 1973 D3 639 was the D3 to venture out to Maldon, so what better D3 to return than 639.
As a result of our close dealings with Steamrail Victoria, we're organised for the D3 to spend a few months over the winter of 2013 on the VGR. Because of the engine's smaller tractive effort and lack of crew familiarity, J515 will be used in preference, but the D3 will certainly be seen from time to time over the coming winter months.

The D3 arrived at Castlemaine at 12:52pm on Sunday 23rd, followed by a very swift transfer onto VGR metals. With it, the D3 brought up the fantastically resorted Carriage 'Macedon' and 80BW, both will see use on regular VGR services in the near future.

The 23rd also saw K 190's return to Melbourne, it returned with carriage 67BW which has been used on VGR trains since arriving during the Spring of 2012.

The following photographs, in order of preceding, give some indication as to the days events.
D3 639 arrived into Platform 2 at 12.52pm, it was immediately transferred to the VGR's platform 3. K190 was waiting to greet 639 in 4rd. K190 completed some shunting to enable a water gin which travelled behind the D3 to Castlemaine to return with K190 to Newport. K190 departed Platform 2 for Newport at 1:56 pm. After turning, fire cleaning and turning of carriage Macedon, the D3 awaited the arrival of the Regular VGR train, hauled by Y133 at 3:15pm, immediately leaving for Muckleford upon the Y's arrival at Castlemaine. The D3 ventured through to Maldon, followed by Y133 hauling the regular service.

Photos - T. Sedawie

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